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Case Managers, who are Maricopa County Adult Probation Officers, collectively hold the opinion that their clients who participate in Suns Nite Hoops are significantly more likely to further their education and find gainful employment than their clients of the same demographic who do not participate in the program.

The idea is to give them a positive alternative to drugs, gangs, crime and violence.


Prior to each basketball game, participants attend on-site life skills and anger management technique development workshops presented by the National Curriculum and Training Institute.


Suns Nite Hoops has full-time Case Managers on staff whose primary responsibility is to assist each and every participant in developing and achieving personal goals for successfully reintegrating back into society.


Case managers provide direction in gaining and maintaining employment, integrating anger management techniques into every day life, earning a diploma, and meeting the conditions of probation.


The highly competitive nature of the basketball league helps these young men to practice the learned techniques for anger management, all while incorporating motivation, reliability, communication, and discipline.