The Suns Nite Hoops program is designed to support young men 18-26 reach their full potential through developing life skills, mentoring and basketball.  Many of the program participants are ex-offenders and at risk men that are seeking to make positive changes in their lives through developing skills and support.  While the program is designed to support at risk young men 18-26, all young men are welcome to participate in the program.

SNH participants play competitive team basketball league games for 10 weeks.  There are two seasons, a fall and spring season where young men can participate in the program. Basketball games are played once per week.  Participants are also offered the opportunity for open gym play on designated days and times.  Participants attend mandatory life skills workshops that must be completed prior to playing each week's game.  Workshops are 50 minutes each and vary in topic area from health education, domestic violence, employment development, parenting and more.  Workshops are facilitated by trained professionals that utilize evidence based curriculum combined with professional and personal experience to share information with participants. 

The final component of the program is mentoring.  Each program participant is assigned a mentor throughout the season that they meet with at least once per month to receive information, referrals and support.  Mentors are volunteer community members that have dedicated their time to the program and made the commitment to support a participant through their journey for a better life.