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A participant involved in the Suns Nite Hoops program is required to attend onsite workshops which provide education on several imperative career, life, and family related topics.

Prior to each basketball game, participants attend these life skills workshops which are hosted by the National Curriculum and Training Institute.

During the first season the workshop facilitators and participants discuss important issues such as improving their education, learning personal and social development skills (i.e. conflict resolution, anger management, teamwork), parenting skills, etc.

During the second season workshop facilitators take part in teaching life skill development specific to job opportunities and job skills such as writing a resume, interviewing, and maintaining employment. The workshops are conducted in an interactive format teaching life skill development through small group discussion, role-playing, brainstorming, and skill development exercises. Most importantly, the sessions are fun, interactive, and insightful.

The participants' view on career and crime can be transformed extensively through the presentation of an alternate approach to overcoming obstacles.

If a participant does not attend his scheduled workshop, he is not permitted to partake in the evening's basketball game.