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Suns Nite Hoops has helped reduce recidivism in the Valley. In Maricopa County's Western Regional Division, which includes Suns Nite Hoops caseloads, of all Petitions to Revoke Probation in 2002 only 2% of those alleging new crimes were filed against program participants.

These probationers are also more successful in fulfilling their obligations to the court (i.e. attending assigned treatment and/or education programs, anger management technique development, staying clean and sober, meeting with their Probation Officer, paying fines/restitution).

During past seasons, Suns Nite Hoops has enjoyed many successes, including:

  • A significant reduction in participants on probation and involved in criminal activity.
  • The development of cognitive life skills, career related skills, and parenting techniques, provided to over 400 participants each year.
  • Providing participants with the tools and resources needed to acquire a career through private job fairs and support from local businesses.
  • The National Association of Counties honored Suns Nite Hoops with their 1998 Achievement Award.